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Patient Success Stories

Regenerative Medicine Spurs “Miraculous Recovery” for Thriving Artist

Stephanie wasn’t going to let knee surgeries force her out of the career and city she loved. But hanging onto her physically-demanding job and active lifestyle was destroying her arms, elbows, shoulders, and back. Regenexx treatments helped her identity as an artist and athlete.

Regenerative Medicine Helps Mountain Biker Ride Again

A mountain biking accident forced this heavy equipment operator out for maintenance. Two broken wrists affected his work, his hobbies and his family life. By opting for Regenexx instead of screws, he was able to hop back on the bike and in the cab.

Regenerative Medicine Helps Jogger Regain His Running Form

Injuries to his foot, tendons, and arch threatened to sideline Scott. The thought of never running again was devastating. He was determined to find a solution. After three years of no running and no relief, Scott found Regenexx. And found his running form.

Regenerative Medicine Helps Bodybuilder Compete at Championship Level

Eileen Wells believes “you’re either green and growing or ripe and rotting.” Multiple spine injuries put the competitive bodybuilder dangerously close to the latter. Regenexx spine treatments gave her the strength to return to the weight room and the opportunity to compete again.

Spine Treatments Get New Yorker Back to Busy City Lifestyle

A spine injury put Lolly flat on her back. She was sidelined from her bustling life on Broadway for nine months. After a misdiagnosis and improper treatments, she found Regenexx and got back on her feet.